The Vérité Group helps you develop and implement a clear safety and security plan filled with effective strategies and programs designed to protect every important element of your home or business.
               Our home services will evaluate your physical environment, your exposure based upon your homes location, and solutions for a totally safe home environment.   
               Our business services will address: your employees, your customers,  your physical environment, your  supply chain, and your products.  Providing a local focus and global  network of resources, The Vérité Group is uniquely equipped to deliver comprehensive security consulting and support throughout the country and around  the world.

             Corporate and Retail Services


The Vérité Group will develop a safety and security evaluation tailored to your specific business environment.  Every business is unique and requires individual attention.  The traditional cookie-cutter approach utilized by many inspection services fails to identify many issues and concerns which may be unique to your business.  Some of the areas which you may wish to include in your inspection are:   
First Aid station provided
First Aid supplies adequate
Certified First Aides available
Emergency numbers posted–Location known
State/Federal Injury Records Maintained
Copies of supervisor’s accident/injury reports
Safety activities documented
Emergency plan established and posted
Sprinkler valves locked in open position
Stock kept at a minimum of 18” from sprinkler heads and heater units
No smoking signs posted–enforced
Employee smoking areas designated
Fire extinguishers mounted–accessible
Extinguisher locations identified
Extinguishers adequate–type and number
Extinguishers inspected–tagged
Employees trained to use fire protection equipment (extinguishers)
Fire extinguisher records of service, maintenance and recharging
Fusible links in sprinkler heads and fire doors free of paint
Incinerator provided a Class B fire wall and door (fusible link on door)
Incinerator or compactor area free of combustibles and hazardous materials
Electrical panels accessible–labeled
Proper size fuses (if fuse-type)
Extension cord use held to a minimum and only as a temporary measure
All electrical wiring installed in accordance with codes
Compressor room free of combustibles
Waste cans of a noncombustible material and provided covers
Flammable liquids–approved containers
Noncombustible enclosure–self closing door–boiler or furnace room
Heat buildup areas clear of combustibles (heaters, appliances, etc.)
Final Building check at closing
General housekeeping
Electrical equipment–tools grounded
Sufficient lighting stairs–work areas
Hand and power tools inspected
Non-exit doors marked–not an exit
Ladders in good condition–safety feet as needed
Broken glass, metal bands, sharp objects removed from storage and work areas
Instructions provided for proper lifting
Metal conveyors properly stored
Trucks-trailers chocked during unloading
Aisles clear and well marked
Storage conditions consistent with good warehousing practices
Sufficient lighting
Surfaces free of holes, trash, snow
Obstructions well marked
Parking areas, travel lanes marked
No Parking emergency areas identified
Cart stalls–regular collection
Automatic doors operate properly (rate of closing, travel area)
In-out decals on automatic doors
Door mats in good condition
Bubble gum machines, paint mixers, key machines, etc. secured against tipping over
Cash registers, kiddie rides, water coolers adequately grounded
All free standing displays at least 48” high
Shelve stocking regulated to eliminate tripping hazards (boxes)
Wall and overhanging displays secured
Shelf displays arranged to prevent stock being knocked from shelves
Shopping carts in good condition–inspected for loose or bent wheels, sharp edges
Defective carts removed from service
Emergency cleanup procedure used
General sweeping program effective in keeping aisles clear of debris–slipping hazards
Displays, counters, floors free of loose mats, carpets, projecting metal strips, sharp edges
Exits clearly marked by illuminated signs which are visible throughout the store
Emergency lighting in good operational condition– Records of monthly check (if battery units)
Employees trained in how to handle an accident- involving the public